Selezy is simple, powerful and of great help

Create and Publish Listings

Just feed in the required information and leave it to Selezy to create accounts and publish your products on all the marketplaces. The time to sell more, starts right here!


There are certain requirements which all the marketplaces demand regarding the product pictures. Don’t worry, Selezy can do it all.

Inventory Control

Feed in the numbers and ditch those spreadsheets. With every sale, Selezy will keep updating you with the inventory left. Set rules of control on your availability of inventory and the same will be done on all marketplaces. Less tension equals a happier life.

Manage Order and Delivery

No need to login on separate marketplaces to keep a track of your orders and pending deliveries. Just login at Selezy and you will be notified with the same. Save time, its precious.

Generate Dynamic Reports

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Selezy will help you at each and every step of your online selling journey helping you to be the champion. You can generate powerful reports which help you understand which product is doing good and which is not and some other cool stuff as well.

Superb Customer Care Support

Our mission is to help you expand your business, attract more buyers and keep you satisfied! Our team works day and night to solve all your problems. Our CC support is something all our customers gabble about.