How does Selezy work?

Step 1 - Getting Started

Get started by creating an account on Selezy. This is your one way door to online selling.

Step 2 - Setting Up Accounts

We will take care of all the documentation required to set up accounts on carious marketplaces.

Step 3 - Content

Our in-house content writers will write the content for your products.

Step 4 - Editing

Editing the pictures and making it suitable for the marketplaces. Don’t worry, its done!

Step 5 - Listing

We will list your products on various marketplaces, increasing your market and hopefully sales!

Step 6 - Pricing & Inventory

Pricing and stock of the products needs to be updated on all marketplaces. Who says you need to worry? Selling is made easy here.

Step 7 - Order Processing

Our Real Time Dashboard will give you notifications whenever you receive an order from any marketplace. One account, manage all orders!

Step 8 - Packaging/Delivery

We will help you package the products and keep you informed about the delivery deadlines. In this busy world, we all need reminders.

Step 9 - Logistics

Our partners come to your doorstep to pick your product. Hassle free selling!


Step 10 - Reports & Feedback

We provide you with powerful reports on your products performance which helps you in many ways.